Everything you need for a bouldering trip to Durango, CO!


Durango Bouldering has turned into more than just a guidebook for the local bouldering. It has become a way to bring a group of people with similar interests together. This website allows us to get out the word on new area being developed, new route development, events and of course a place to plan your bouldering trip to Durango, CO.

A little about me. My name is Ian Allison and  I was born in southeastern New Mexico a mere 3 hours from Hueco Tanks, TX. Which also happens to be the first place I went climbing! Lucky me!  That first trip to Hueco just happened to be the weekend that the Hueco Ranch Rodeo was happening. If you don’t know the Hueco Ranch Rodeo draws some of the world best climbers from around the nation and world. I was impressed by the shere strength and delicate movements these climbers made to scale their way to the top of these boulders. I immediately knew this is what I want to do. After that first trip we made it to Hueco once or twice a year. Which was never enough. But when I got a chance to move to Colorado for school that is when all the pieces started to fall into place.

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